Beth Meier



flaminggorge2015 (14)(1)Beth is our newest member to the trainer family and is very excited to be working at Sage Creek Equestrian. Beth was born and grew up in Leicestershire, England where her passion for horses began. At the young age of five she started taking horse riding lessons. Soon after her family moved to an old farm house that had land and stables. This is where she spent her childhood days, riding, taking care of the horses and other animals and developing her love for them. Beth especially loved jumping but was always happy to be on a horse no matter what she was doing. At the age of 15, Beth and her family moved to the United States. Although having to leave behind what she loved and say goodbye to her beloved animals she still continued her dedication to riding in the States.IMG_1157

Beth has always loved expanding her knowledge by reading and learning from others, so when she found out about Sage Creek she couldn’t be more excited! She loves to deepen her understanding about horses, so meeting Jim and Donnette was a dream come true. Becoming a better horseman and deepening her relationships with horses is something that is always important to Beth and believes no matter where you are, you can always learn more. She loves to share her devotion with others, and currently teaches beginner riding lessons at Sage Creek Equestrian.