Dallas Sweat

Good luck to Dallas Sweat on her new journey and home is Arkansa. Although Dallas is no longer at SCE she will always be a part of our family.

Notes by Dallas Sweat

Impact of the Horse, Mega 100 Day Champion Dallas Sweat has a passion for all horse breeds and quality horsemanship. In the above film you see her competing on her Impact of the Horse “Mega 100 Day Mustang ” Louie and the friesian cross that she trained and competed on through the Grandprix level in dressage.

Here is the start of her story with horses.

Dallas started her journey with horses in Yorba Linda, California at the young age of 8. She would follow her sister Jennie around the barn where she worked. She begged and pleaded for a chance to ride any horse.


“There was a certain black pony I would ride, and when he had had enough he would simply lay down on the ground and be finished. The experience with this particular pony trained me quite well. I longed for a way to figure out why this was happening. Thus began my lifelong desire to learn.” – Dallas Sweat

At the age of 14 her parents bought her a thoroughbred off the racetrack; he was full of fire and had a lot of fight in him. She would take King Tut down to the local arena and ride him to the best of her ability. She would watch all the young girls in their jumping classes and wanted to be like them.  Dallas began doing hunter jumpers and quite enjoyed herself. She took her thoroughbred all over Southern California and hit the jumping shows.

Dallas had a jumping coach who also had a black Oldenburg stallion that did dressage. Witnessing her coach do dressage started her own desire to take such a journey.

Dallas found Utah trainer Mary Ann Ford. Mary Ann took  Dallas under her wing. This started a pursuit for her first dressage horse.  She found and fell in love with a 3 year old thoroughbred mare. Freckles, a big mare with a big head that only a mother could love.

Dallas met her husband Lynn, moved to Heber and started a family. Dallas enjoyed herding the families cattle in the West Fork and teaching her children how to ride and brand but missed dressage. As her children were growing, she started thinking seriously about continuing dressage. She Joined Jim and Donnette Hicks and began a lifelong dream of working with horses as a career. With years of hard work, she has developed a lasting, nurturing relationship with many horses. She has been successful with her training career.  She has trained and competed up to the Grand Prix level. She has many talented horses in traning, working their way to the FEI  levels.