Impact Mega 100 Day Mustangs for Adoption

These six Mustangs will have been with their trainers for 100 Days at the time of their adoption.

We welcome you to come see these horses in action at  The Impact of the Horse  Two Worlds – One Event  in Heber City, Utah on November 10th & 11th, 2017

They will be available for adoption to the BLM Approved Public by auction at the close of the event in Heber City, Utah on November 11th, 2017.


Anevay: Sorrel Mare- Blawn Wash, Utah HMA
Trainer: Jake Harvath


Moon: Grey Mare- Wood Hills, Nevada HMA
Trainer: Roy Hudgeons


Felina: Brown Mare- Wheeler Pass, Nevada HMA
Trainer: Mario Johnson


Legend: Bay Mare- Miller Flat, Nevada HMA
Trainer: Chryah Bussain


Miya: Bay Mare- Wheeler Pass, Nevada HMA
Trainer: Tyson Rogers


Maleficent: Black Mare- Salt Wells Creek, Wyoming HMA
Trainer: Amanda Joy


For additional information on these Mustangs or how to adopt them, please visit our Impact of the Horse Two Worlds – One Event Facebook Page or contact:
Tricia Carlson-
Brooke Sweat-