A Guided Path

There are times in my life, I’ve had a coyote sweep by me. On one such occasion a coyote tagged along with me as I long trotted several miles to a herd of cows. These occasions have brought a feeling of a deep sense of connection to nature and my personal  path. Each time I’ve stopped and re-examine my thoughts as I felt there was a message  being conveyed. The message felt as if I am supposed to pay closer attention to my true path.

I also recall other ways in which nature has almost demanded my attention and let me know that I was faltering to listen. I remember one such occasion when I was a child. I was riding a family pony named Janie. This pony screamed that I was not being clear and listening but I ignored all the expression the pony was communicating, agitation and discomfort was apparent as the pony pinned and resisted what I was attempting to communicate. I was escorted by Janie to a low tree branch and without hesitation from her, I was scraped off her back.

I layed on my back looking up at the sky gasping for air, I was clear that Janie was far smarter than I had given her credit for.  I needed to start learning to notice and allow myself to be guided by her. I needed to listen and communicate effectively in the future if I was to remain on Janie’s back.

In learning how to know and recognize our personal path; we can recognize and listen to natures guides.


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