Thanks to our loyal customers and the people that encourage us to live and develop our dream.

        Sage Creek Equestrian is a large, internationally recognized equestrian business. Although Sage Creek is centered around the discipline of Dressage, we encompass all disciplines including Reining, Trail riding, Driving bottom line we are a horsemanship facility and more.  Our goal here at Sage Creek is to develop a confident, well educated rider and a balanced and willing equine partner.

     Sage Creek Equestrian began as dream shared by trainers and teachers, Jim and Donnette Hicks.  Their vision was to create a a facility and learning environment that would support the growth and well being of their students and their horses.  They embrace various disciplines supported by a solid base in the fundamentals of good horsemanship.

        In January 2005 Sage Creek Equestrian finally opened its doors and a retinue of loyal students and their horses have taken up residence.

Sage Creek Equestrian

3181 W 3000 S

Heber City, Ut 84032

Equestrian Specialists: 

Josi Skiby – 435-709-1762

Tricia Carlson -435-671-2929

Owner Donnette Hicks:

Owner/Clinician-Jim Hicks:  -435-901-0087

Trainer-Annie Sweet- 801-376-3760

Trainer-Dallas Sweat-435-671-0945        

Trainer-Rebecca Harmon-435-503-2204

Children’s Specialist- John Maznicki

Beginners  Coach – Beth M 801-719-4623

*Please feel free to contact us to obtain current pricing.


Sage Creek employs 2 full-time, and 2 part-time staff members

Equestrian coordinator/manager –


Facility Maintenance/Horse Care Manager  – Magdelano Rodriguez

Maintenance/Horse Care (pt) 

Maintenance/Horse Care (pt)