Annie Sweet

Annie has been training dressage professionally for 20 years. She is a USDF certified instructor, and a USDF bronze and silver medalist. She loves to help her students develop a relationship with their horses through kind, correct training.

Annie has been working at Sage Creek since its doors were opened in 2005. After educating herself under Jim and Donnette Hicks, she developed an appreciation for natural horsemanship and tries to incorporate it into her dressage training as much as possible.

Her unusual ability to work with all horses, no matter what size, build, or breed has earned her the highest of respect among her peers. Annie earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals on horses she brought up through the levels herself. She also has several students who earned their bronze and silver medals on self-trained horses.

Annie loves trail riding and takes all of her dressage horses out in the mountains on a regular basis.