Riding Principals School


Course Goals:
*Preparing a Horse to be Caught
*Use of Equipment
*Basic First Aid
*Basic Riding Principles

Once students have become proficient at this they move into more advanced skill levels which include:

The standard warm-up starts with a relaxing but energetic walk and Training Level work such as large circles, straight lines and transitions within the working gaits to get the horse’s body in motion so he is able to work without injury.
Your horse needs to get his cardiovascular system in gear, and you need to get him physically warm by using the muscle groups that will stretch his topline, making him round and ready for engagement.
The fundamental qualities we develop are outlined in the pyramid of training—or the training scale—with its six components: *Rhythm, *Relaxation, *Contact, *Impulsion, *Straightness and *Collection.
The pyramid is a wonderful comfort to all of us earnest riders who experience moments of doubt when riding on our own.
The pyramid gives us a sense of the prerequisites necessary to work up through the levels: Training Level is about establishing regularity and relaxation in the working gaits and usable contact with which you can communicate and listen.


Course Dates: August 2018-May 2019 – Courses will be held in groups of 2-4 Students per Session.

Location: Sage Creek Equestrian  3181 West 3000 South  Heber, Utah  84032

For Tuition & Registration, Please Contact Brooke Sweat: Brooke.SageCreek@gmail.com