Emily Keene

Emily is a USDF Silver and Bronze medalist, with 35 years of experience.

Emily specializes in lightness, confidence and self carriage for horse and rider. She considers self carriage to be physical, mental and emotional for both parties. Her goal is to produce willing, happy horses and sensitive, effective riders. Her highest priority is helping clients find the magic and intimacy of Dressage.

Emily specializes in biomechanics, and has an outstanding eye for detail. She teaches with kindness, precision, and a supportive attitude. She meets students and horses where they are, adopting a flexible, individual approach.

Emily employs natural horsemanship, ground work, Tellington Touch, and other holistic methods to augment and prepare for under saddle work.

Emily’s foundational influences include Mary Wanless, Joanie Bolton, Sandy Howard, and Sarah Hall. She has ridden with Christine Traurig, Edward Gal, Hans Biss, Anne Gibbons and other clinicians. Her current coach, since 2018, is Jeremy Steinberg.

To learn more about Emily and explore if she would be a good fit for you, see her website and especially her Why Emily page. https://keenedressage.com/why-emily/