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“Dressage For the Horseman” is an organization that stands for keeping in place the quality and timeless education of formal dressage while embracing the ageless traditions of the Vaquero.

The DFH shows will be in exact alignment with the testing standards of the USEF and USDF organizations.
The DFH embraces and encourages the commitment of relaxation and harmony the Vaquero and dressage traditions exhibit.

It is within this commitment, both worlds are being encouraged to merge in partnership, where the human yields to the equine in guiding and forging the way.

Membership fee is $75.00

Membership benefits include: educational opportunities such as clinics, symposiums and private schooling opportunities with an aray of recognized world class horsemen.
We also include a years subscription with the Eclectic Horseman Magazine.

To join the Dressage for the Horseman organization please Contact:
Brooke Sweat

Sage Creek Equestrian
3180 West 3000 South
Heber City, UT 84032

For general questions email:
Donnette Hicks


APPLICATION-Dressage for the Horseman Application

Below is the show application for the “Sagebrush n’ Roses-Mecates n’ Silver” show. Please note any fees associated with this will be in addition to the “Dressage for the Horseman” membership. However, if you are a member of DFH you will receive  a $10 discount per test.

SHOW APPLICATION-sage-brush-and-roses-application
There are four trials, or tests, that make up a Working Equitation competition.

Prescribed dressage tests are ridden at each level.
Each movement is given a numerical score, and collective marks are given for impulsion, compliance, calmness, rider’s position, etc.
The dressage tests are designed to test both the horse and rider as well as to serve as an aid in training.
The movements at each successive level build upon movements of the previous levels and coincide with the type and difficulty of movements expected in the Ease of Handling and Speed trials at the corresponding levels.

Ease of Handling:
Obstacles are set up to simulate the difficulties encountered by a horse and rider in the field.
Obstacles are numbered and are ridden in order.
The goal of this trial is to negotiate the obstacles with accuracy, ease, and smoothness

The obstacles utilized in the Ease of Handling trial are ridden at speed with no emphasis on style.
Individual scores are based on elapsed time through the obstacles with time penalties added for mishandled obstacles.
This trial is designed to test the rider’s co-ordination and capacity for anticipation in addition to the horse’s qualities of submission, speed, attention, and finesse.

Cow Trial:
This trial tests the ability of a horse and rider to work, individually and as a team, with cattle.
The test is performed with a team of 3 or 4 riders.
The objective is for each rider to individually sort, cut, and herd a pre-selected cow from the herd and then as a team put it in a designated pen.
As a timed event, there are time penalties for course errors.

2017 Show Dressage Test is Training level Test 3
2017 WE Map below: