SC Productions

Sage Creek Production Company is very multi faceted.  The SCP has credible experience in the film industry as well as executing large live performances. These shows include but are not limited to a  Wild West Show involving a cast and crew of over 50 actors, wranglers and stunt men and women. It is in partnership in hosting the annual production of “Impact of the Horse”  who’s main focus is to showcase the the usability of Americas wild horses.   The SCP company also has a platform for the development of Musical Freestyles for horse and rider teams to perform and compete with show competitions such as USDF rated shows and other recognized events.




Jim and Donnette Hicks wrangled for the motion picture company “Quinter’s Reel Wranglers.” Jim and Donnette’s movie experience and responsibilities include:
– stunt coordinator
stunt work
providing period props
involvement in television advertising

Sage Creek Production Company came into full bloom when Jim Hicks was asked to be part of the Opening Ceremonies for the 2002 Olympics. In addition to Jim and Donnette wrangling and providing horses, Jim
worked closely with Michael Smuin and John Curry (overseeing directors and producers of the 2002 Olympics)
was the liaison between the Native Americans and the directors/producers
provided extreme stunt work (including horses walking on ice)
was the first person to lead out the horse procession in the Opening Ceremonies.
This event was witnessed live by 50,000 spectators, including the sitting President of the United States, and was witnessed by millions via technology. According to NBC, the Opening Ceremony of the 2002 Winter Olympics was classified as the “greatest television event ever.”

Sage Creek Production Company has also worked with BBC America in several projects including, “Lobo: the Wolf that Changed America”.

Sage Creek Production Company provides motion picture companies the following:
stunt men/women
livestock (including horses and dogs).

The YouTube links below are an example of the work that Sage Creek Production Company provided to BBC America.
Sage Creek Production Company also collaborated with the French Motion Picture Industry for the French film, “Cliche”. In this production, they provided actress/stuntwoman Jolynne Thurber and wrangler Ben Quinters.

Sage Creek Production Company provides still photography services, live video services, and music video production.

In 2010, Utah State University facilitated collaboration between Donnette Hicks and Emmy-award winning composer Kurt Bestor in a production featuring Sage Creek horses and riders performing choreographed routines accompanied by a live orchestra performing music composed specifically for the performance. This event, titled “Back in the Saddle,” was a fundraiser for the Swaner Nature Preserve and EcoCenter in Park City, Utah. The Master of Ceremonies of this event was Craig Jessop, former music director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and was accompanied by the American Festival Orchestra. See article in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Donnette produced and directed the Wild West Show for the Heber City Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair has been critically acclaimed as the nation’s premier Wild West Show and was reviewed to be “Broadway Quality” (Cowboy and Indians magazine). it moved into a feature evening spot during the Cowboy Poetry Gathering and has evolved into a highly respected production that is a gem of American art culture. This is a professionally created production that includes live cowboy action, galloping and dancing horses, gunfights, Native American Dancers, poets, along with America’s finest singing talent (such as Juni Fisher, Dave Stamey, Belinda Gail, and host Waddie Mitchell).

Donnette has media and motion picture industry in her blood: she is directly descended from one of the marketing and advertising giants of MGM studios and her grandfather was the editor for the L.A. Times.