“A Drink Of Water” ~ Quotes by Jim Hicks

Enjoy your copy of the book “A Drink of Water” by Jim Hicks.

Photography by Kim Stone and Donnette Hicks.

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Thoughtful feel and timing, with a consistent attitude and approach. Eliminates unnecessary confusion for the horse. -Jim Hicks


The riders responsibility, is to search for what the horse needs out of this deal. -Jim Hicks



The questions. Are you willing to change to meet the needs of the horse? Do you expect the horse to change to meet your needs? Why is this important to know? The rider needs to be clear on which point of view they are working towards. -Jim Hicks



The quality of the lateral movement , depends on the rider’s ability to shape the energy ,on a specific line of travel . – Jim Hicks


Jim Hicks


Trust is not an entitlement. Trust is something that must be thoughtfully earned, each day with every interaction. – Jim Hicks

Jim Hicks Q & A “Bending”

Continued Q & A With Jim Hicks

Q-When does bending become counterproductive and overused?

A- Most people’s idea about bend is that it is all about the head and the neck. The problem is that when only the head and neck are bent,, it causes the outside shoulder to bulge with the majority of weight negatively loading the outside foot. This puts the horse in a position of imbalance. When this happens, the horse then looses the engagement of the hind legs.
With that said, I like to think of putting a quarter weight on each of the horse’s feet. This allows the horse to balance or rebalance based on the athletic demand presented.
Engagement from the hind legs can only happen when the horse is bending inside its alignment. The horse needs to have the right amount of lateral and longitudinal flexion such that one compliments the other allowing the energy to cycle from the hind legs through the back, the neck, the poll, and down to the jaw. When all of these things happen this allows for collection and self carriage.

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