A testimonial by Gloria Keys


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This post is inspired by my most recent dressage principles lesson with one of my amazing horsemanship coaches, Donnette Jordan Hicks.

For the past five years I have been traveling to, and diligently working in horsemanship lessons mainly in dressage principles. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, its been lots of hard work, sacrifices, and dedication. I don’t mind hard work, but sticking to this journey has been the challenge. Through all that life has thrown at me in the last five years..several horse accidents, an abusive marriage, divorce, healing, moving, new relationship with kids I have had the thought of quitting, or taking a break for a few months or years. I didn’t allow myself to do so, and made a promise to myself that I made it this far in this journey I’m not going to quit now. I owed it to myself. So no matter how overwhelmed, tired, or physically sore I have been I kept moving forward on this journey. I knew that sometime it had to get easier. I even kicked it up a notch thinking maybe I could get to the easier part just a little bit faster.

My most recent lesson in dressage principles was a few days ago, and it gave me a reward. The MIRACLE. The combination of my balanced riders seat, the right impulsion energy from my horses hind end, steady hands, bent elbows with my feel and connection resonating from the back of my elbow, a coach that believes in me, and me believing in ME.

My horse was like “Ok, your balanced?” ” I can be balanced.” That simple. Melted into my hands, and into a beautiful carriage we have been yearning for. The feeling of this is why I am on this journey. The added bonus is my coach telling me ” You are melding into the horseman I always knew you could be”.

The Miracle happened. I didn’t quit. I would have sold myself out if I did.

Thank you for believing in ME, Donnette Jordan Hicks!

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