Equine I Rise To Your Voice


I feel your four legs walk
Articulating both me and the
Ground we move upon
I wonder if you know how humble I am
Reaching for the soul of your earth
Listening to the beat of your heart
Seeking to find a way Into your world
Ashamed I ask you to fit mine
A touch upon your satin coat
Releases the aroma of grass
Reminders of your ancestral path
Forgive the void of time between
Humanity and your noble nations
How can I ease your bondage
You did not choose
You were born into this world of
Fenced-in limitations
Equine is it enough I hear your plight
I see your sacred innocence
Stepping into the creek to drink water
I feel your reach into its coolness
Quenching our concerns
Gratitude lingers
Your delicate simplicity
Bridging with my respectful admiration
I am committed to rise to your voice

Poetry & Photography by Donnette Hicks 

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