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Dressage Geometry With Jim Hicks

Dressage Geometry with Jim Hicks

Sacred is the Source

  Is there a door For you to knock Exploring paths Limitless to walk How many oceans Do rivers blend When exploring love Is there a beginning Is there an end Am I the words that Bring you joy Am I the war that Ended Troy Allowing sight For all to see Shadow defines The
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Understanding How Children Learn

When introducing children to horses it is important to leave them feeling safe, confident and excited for more. However, understanding how children process information is often overlooked. Children are sensory learners, so their learning styles are determined by which of the senses they are most likely to favor.  To read complete article go to…

Poetry In The Fields

Poetry In The Fields By Donnette Hicks  

Developing Relationships

Developing Relationships

  On any given day at Sage Creek the spectrum of horse breeds and students can be  vast. In this video Jim Hicks  is starting a mustang, Friesian stallion and working with Cami Ortloff who is doing a college internship with Sage Creek Equestrian.

Mustang Feeling His First Saddle

  Jim Hicks works with helping a young mustang experience the saddle for the first time.

Establishing Trust

Establishing Trust

Jim Hicks starts a mustang colt.

Growing with Rebecca

I have decided to share how I have gleaned that Dressage is one of the hardest sports to become masterful in. Its a sport of refinement and I have learned that to develop refinement I have to develop as a human being. I have decided to share my journey of growth through this vehicle. I
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A testimonial by Gloria Keys   This post is inspired by my most recent dressage principles lesson with one of my amazing horsemanship coaches, Donnette Jordan Hicks. For the past five years I have been traveling to, and diligently working in horsemanship lessons mainly in dressage principles. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, its been
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Balance in the Face of Chaos

  Whatever it is, however absurd it may seem to others, if I want to restore the balance between my Possibilities, dreams and my daily ways of responding to the world outside me… I needed to make a shift in the energy that I am contributing to my future desires, possibilities and dreams. When I
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