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Curiosity Opens Exploration

I often find pleasure and relief in my daily desire to explore new discoveries. Every horse throughout my day has a message to convey. Mornings are full of conscious clearings of tension and residue from my prior days experiences. When I practice this I am able to receive what feels like little pearls from each
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A Letter To Self

I am taking a workshop called ” Life Course ” in this corse I was asked to write a letter to my self.  It resulted in becoming this poem. If you wrote a letter to yourself what would it say?   Dear Donnette How can I convey How I believe in you Your heart expands
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I Now Stand

My body aches From a world That takes I unraveled and wanted Believed what was flaunted But was Cut down Yet my roots grew And found a way To sprout and sway Into the light My insides illuminated Thriving wings Opened and culminated I now stand Observing the land Spinning in sand As I leap
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Equine I Rise To Your Voice

I feel your four legs walk Articulating both me and the Ground we move upon I wonder if you know how humble I am Reaching for the soul of your earth Listening to the beat of your heart Seeking to find a way Into your world Ashamed I ask you to fit mine A touch
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Inner Alchemy

A personal inquiry Into how The horse Teaches me Humility and desire For my heart To seek and Understand My inherent Self

Peering Into Existence

  It looked very soft and fragile Vast and untamed Swirls of wonder Uncharted Unclaimed I find a moment of expansion As I realize my size A universe of grandeur Right before my eyes Peering into existence Formations tussle and curl Wings of flight Fumble and furl Piercing this Suspended World Poetry & Photography  by Donnette
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You’re A Lesson

You’re a lesson Not a friend Teaching wisdom In the end My heart is tender My soul is bright Fragile crystals Lift in fright Frozen spines Cold with deeds No longer griped Fractured Needs Feel my warmth Feel my rise Reflecting love In my eyes You’re a lesson Not a friend Teaching wisdom In the
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I Trace Your Exisitence

  In the inner quiet I trace your existence I feel your fear Frozen in silence I still see your beauty It exists inside of me I sense sacredness Among Chaos Passion Breaking through your fortress As I am your reflection I am love Whispering through I am you Poetry & Photography by Donnette Hicks 

The Heart of an Lioness

Why do I always love anyway Because I have the courage To see innocence I have the prowess to embrace hate I have the guts to forgive I choose to absorb direct hits Compassion is my reflection I will not be chained by fear I will not be tainted by pride When I am kicked
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Take A Breath And Pause

    I learned to appreciate and acknowledge my horses efforts. Knowing that I desired improvement is one thing. Constantly driving the horse to change is another. The constant desire to do better is a human idea. I had to consider how the horse receives my human energy. I became aware I constantly pressured and
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