Self Knowledge

For me my sensitivity to the horse, hinges on what I am willing to receive as the horse reflects who I am. I have found I never give some parts of who I am enough credit, but it is just as certain the horse has reflected to me there are parts I have given too much credit. Developing self knowledge gives me a larger access of how I effect the horse with my decisions.


My horse and I were creating a serpentine through the oncoming traffic of  riders heading straight at me from the opposite direction.  I was used to this exercise as respected Clinition Ray Hunt had us do this every year at his clinics. I was sure this time I was going to be successful. In the past I would get really flusterd by the other horses not staying in rhythm along with people not looking where they were going. I calculated this would happen this time  as well.  I looked way ahead to figure out how I was going to navigate the weaving objects.

I was not surprised that once again I was getting frustrated as I was starting to encounter the same issues as previous years. In this moment it came to me that the horse I was ridding was not feeling very relaxed nor very light. Knowing myself and feeling my own brace, I was sure I was creating the same in my horse.

I pulled out of the chaotic traffic that felt like heavy large worms trying to swallow us up. I crossed the arena to a space that was less populated and continued the exercise. My horse instantly felt lighter and more relaxed as we were having success in the task being asked of us. I reached down and rubbed her neck and began to enjoy the success we were having. She was brighter in her life and lighter in her feel.

I knew I had made the adjustment I needed to set her up for feeling the ease of movement in this larger space. I recognized the change in myself of higher conference by initiating this new option for both me and my horse.

Learning to recognize the realities of how we function and make decisions directly impact the equine. Each situation is an opertunity to develope and understand the preciousness, of our own self-knowledge.

Allow sensitivity with the horse to open and  develope your Self-knowedge 

By Donnette Hicks

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