Releasing Limiting Beliefs


What we believe determines not only our health, but the physical stance and posture we assume, and that physicality becomes the way we communicate to others and our horse.
Many of our beliefs empower us. Limiting or fear driven core beliefs are the ones that create chaos. They show themselves in how both human and horse respond to us. When it comes to these beliefs translating in the equine, it’s important to understand beliefs simply do not exist in their world.  They access Mother Nature for their survival.
Our body is a transmitter of the energy we often create through the thoughts we believe. Thoughts that are born out of our core beliefs are generally originated from childhood. Often they come from a thought lineage that has been passed down from previous generations.


I ‘wear’ these patterns in my body. They become visible through my physical habits and posture. These patterns form a stance that, though I may attempt to compensate for it, or hide it, it nonetheless is transmitted to the people and the horses in my life.

Some examples of my unidentified core beliefs have been.  ” I am not good enough” and a bugger that has gripped me throughout my life has been the belief  “My personality needs to change so others will be comfortable around me”

We invariably attract to us the horses and people  that will mirror to us what our beliefs are.  It’s an unconscious verification of what we have adopted and are carrying both emotionally and physically. It was no coincidence in the past that I struggled with acknowledging and rewarding the slightest shift in the horse. I was to busy trying to be “good enough”.  It also is not a surprise I have greatly struggled with human relationships as I was choosing people I was uncomfortable to be in relationship with. I feel gratitude for the lessons I received from the mirroring in these relationships.

By investigating the painful beliefs we have in our body and distinguishing there existence, we then have access to doing the work of finding their source and letting them go. In doing so we bring ourselves back into healthy alinement.

Before I enter the environment of a horse. Pre opening a gait, I observe how the horse is receiving my energy and intension. I constantly identify or bring into focus the expression of the horse. I observe the subtle honesty transmitting and formulating through the horses wordless physical body. Expression in natures language.

Release your limiting beliefs by bringing your emotional and physical body into alignment

By Donnette Hicks 


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