Being Kind With Ourselves


I felt his breath begin to labor as the climb up the mountain became challenging. I asked myself if the heat along with the steep grade was to stressful for this large bodied black horse. A flat area came into focus ahead of me. I surveyed his needs to make a decision, rest or continue. We progressed forward towards a flat area.  I began to measure and weigh my options.  My emotions started to shift. I began to feel upset that I chose to have this large Friesian stallion out in the heat.  My self talk continued into deeper critical thinking.

I chose to stop. I waited for the horse to arrange his body how he needed. His sides were heaving from labored breathing.  He suddenly lifted his head alert in attention. His breath instantly quieted as his eyes began to survey the open valley floor. I joined him in the magnificence of the sight, searching for what he was sensing. He then drew in a puff of air as if he was searching for a certain smell.  The aroma of sage mixed with grass filled my nose as I fallowed his lead.  I then felt a breeze tussle my hair bringing pleasure and relief from the rising temperature. I reached down and pulled his massive heaping mane off to the side exposing his hot neck to the same enjoyable experience.

Turning around, we dropped down off the mountain. I enjoyed the sounds of his hooves as he picked his way through a maze of thick sage. I found I was being kind to myself as I surveyed my feelings of relief. The joy of receiving the nature of my horse left me in a state of pure gratitude.

Release critical thinking. Receive natures gifts by being kind to yourself

By Donnette Hicks 

Inspired by Kelcy Sweat



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