Advancing Through Uniformity

Knowledgeable horsemen who teach are often profoundly committed students who seek coaching for themselves.

Wise educators will work with those who can shed light on blind spots, as well as be willing to receive wisdom from those who have a map ahead.


If a teacher is not humble or seeking to develop their personal journey with the horse. It becomes difficult to accept what is being offered. It is not only wise to not ask a self taught uneducated doctor to perform surgery anymore than seeking the same from anyone lacking real knowledge as an equestrian coach. Who suffers the most in this situation is often the horse.

A fundamental good example of why a coach will seek to continue receiving information. They understand that humans have to constantly choose to not get lost in the reaction of  life’s challenges. Shedding light on the habits we have and how they effect our relationship with our horse is essential. This takes outside input.

Fundamentally there is hardly a person who’s body is balanced in their physical or emotional self carriage. The ability to stay symmetrical, gets lost in our reaction to life’s worries and concerns, resulting in unbalanced movement patterns which in turn become  unconscious habits.

Once physical and emotional imbalances have been dislodged, advancing through uniformity with a coach becomes a tool where progressive layers of refinement successfully comes into play.

Seeking  a teachers mirror, brings the human horse partnerships into balance.  The personal commitment to growth and learning opens and allows the horse in the end to become our greatest teacher and mentor.


Donnette Hicks


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