Facing Reality Heals Lives



Do you give back as much as you take from the horse?

It is often overlooked how much humanity takes from the horse. Many of us get snagged in the illusion of a fantasy that’s driven by our ego’s identity. This keeps many blind to the horses reality.  Humans lose track that they are not their truck, Levi’s, house or horse nor their BMW, breeches or live-in trailers.

One example is in the understanding. the equine as a nation, has lost their natural habitat. They no longer have the ability to move free of human population. It often does not occure to the human that the horse is not designed to be born in confinement. Fenced in pastures, padocks and box stalls are human creations. The horse does not have a choice, as their population has grown and their freedoms have been taken away. Their truest nature is to not be in human hands. They did not volunteer to be born into our limitations. They do not understand when they are first approached by what nature constitutes for them as a predator.

I remember Ray Hunt in his clinics contributing something along the line, and I am paraphrasing,  that if he was born into this world as a horse, he would be the wildest bronc anyone had ever seen. For me I felt his point was,  that the human needs to wake up to the reality of what horses are being put through. For me, I heard Rays empathy as a painful understanding for the horses plight in human hands. I also heard his admiration for the horses need for self preservation.

I have gone through years of pondering what is my role in the horses journey with humans. I have suffered looking directly at I too am a human, asking for the horse to live in my world, void of having choice.

In my feelings of empathy, I find myself asking,  “what do I give in return for asking the equine to live in my world” My top answer has taken years to develope. It is that I am to get really honest about THIER needs. Not MY needs. This is where one really faces themselves and asks the “why do I do this” ?  This very question has led me to seeking an in depth education of all aspects of the horse.  Environment, physical health and emotional needs being top contenders.

Taking responsibility for educating ourselves in all aspects of the horses reality, by facing how we impact thier lives, is how we become awake and responsible.

For me, I will never be able to do enough. In facing this raw truth, I have dedicated my life to giving back everything I can for what humanity has asked of these noble innocent beings.

Facing reality heals lives 

Acknowledging the innocence in all living beings, brings awareness, to what is sacred and beautiful in our own soul 

By Donnette Hicks 


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