I will always have another opportunity: the horse always tell me so. Mistakes can come at a high ex spence for the horse and some mistakes will land me pilled up in the dirt. Rightly so if the horse put me there.

I am just not your average human when it comes to learning from my mistakes. I have to fall so hard that I almost have to shatter the desire to reassign the lesson which I’m trying to learn. I try incredibly hard to not learn such a lesson when it comes to making mistakes with the horse.

The best gift one can give ones self is self respect. A significant moment to give this gift (for me) is at the moment I identify the horse is reflecting I am making a mistake. I then feel a sense of love and patience for the horse and myself. I am constantly checking in with the horse from moment to moment to adjust my feel and timing before they mirror their unhappiness.

For me at giving myself a hand up, with self compassion and self understanding. Shows up for the horse as well. They feel it when I am hard on myself.

When we recognize that our entire worldview is based on how much respect we have for ourselves, we will begin to see we have in us infinite possibilities for improvement with our relationship with the horse. 


By Donnette Hicks 

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