Take A Breath And Pause



I learned to appreciate and acknowledge my horses efforts. Knowing that I desired improvement is one thing. Constantly driving the horse to change is another. The constant desire to do better is a human idea. I had to consider how the horse receives my human energy. I became aware I constantly pressured and pushed for more.

I finally learned the distinction that this undercurrent pathology is born from a false belief that all my efforts are never good enough. This is a human condition which the horse has no understanding of and translates into instant resistance.

The horse can not hold up under this type of drive. They will reflect their unhappiness in both physical and mental suffering. I had to face that I was constantly making things happen.


I became aware of this through getting in front of a knowledgable clinician who introduced to me to the value of learning to pause and take a breath before asking my horse to do a task.

The horses I worked with soon began to relax and flow underneath me with rhythm and energy. All I needed was to pause and take a breath.

Create relaxation 

Take a breath and pause 

Allow energy to flow 


By Donnette Hicks 



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