You Rebel Against Your Own Resolutions



It’s not that unusual. Some studies even show that a high percent of us humans suffer from low-grade to full-blown depression after the holidays. The hype and excitement and, yes, expectation, for jolliness buoy up many in the buildup to the Big Day.

But then expectations hit reality. Relatives aren’t always kind. Phone calls were not made. Texts not sent. Gifts aren’t given and received in the spirit intended. Spouses didn’t behave and yes that one thing you didn’t want said at the holiday table was spit out between “can you pass the gravy” oh and the last New Years promise that you would stop that bad habit!? NEVER GOT IMPLEMENTED, cause your a CONTROL FREAK, and you rebel against your own resolutions! hahahahaha

The fantasy that maybe this year will be different is dashed yet again. It’s hard for even the most resilient not to feel a little letdown. For those who are prone to depression anyway, the weeks after a holiday can feel like the emotional rug has been pulled out from them.

Here are some reasonable ideas;

1) Take care of yourself

Listen there is a reason they say put the oxygen mask on yourself first. How can you be there for others if your not in good shape yourself. `

2) Take a meditative few minutes a couple times a day
3) Call a friend
4) Arrange something to look forward to.
5) Spend time with your horse.
6) Journal 10 days of gratitude
7) Serve others

And when you REBEL like me, for heaven sake rebel in favor of your profound wonderful future…


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