Become A Yes

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I often say “no” when I mean “yes”, afraid of the unknown, and even more afraid of making a mistake. I build walls of protection with my answers often being, no. Young and inexperienced in being myself, I agreed to be a no person for as long as I could, so as not to hurt or disappoint or displease. Not surprisingly, things often felt badly.

I began to understand the same is true for the horse.  When I am constantly saying no to the horse, I am usually reacting to its expression of life, out of my own fear. For the horse this can feel like they are trapped. The results of my constant “no” can result minimally in brace and resistance and consequently the very circumstances I am avoiding, I am actually creating.

Out of my commitment to the horse feeling relaxation and freedom, I became a “YES”.  For me there was an inner revolution. I began to feel inspired by the horses needs. I let down and let go of control by allowing the horses energy to flow freely through me. I let out slack in the rein, relaxed my body and became a YES.

I denied the calling no longer and began the journey into becoming a student of the horse, fully enjoying the mysteries and gifts of an ever expanding learning.

Turn your “NO” into a “YES”.

A yes to humility, love, life and yes to the horse having their natural abundant full expression!

By Donnette Hicks 

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