Balance in the Face of Chaos

Whatever it is, however absurd it may seem to others, if I want to restore the balance between my Possibilities, dreams and my daily ways of responding to the world outside me… I needed to make a shift in the energy that I am contributing to my future desires, possibilities and dreams. When I am out of balance, it’s primarily because I have energetically allowed my past habits to define my future.



Even worse my habits have enrolled me blindly and try to convince me of the the consequences thereof, they are the result of the energy I have given them.

In the early stages of rebalancing and processing I concentrated on simply my awareness: You get what you think about, whether you want it or not!
I just laugh to myself how simple that is, yet most of us including me resists shifting my thoughts to recognizing our feeling body that’s full of the rich substance of life.
So I began the path of detachment and rather than focus on how impossible or difficult giving up daily thinking habits may seem. I found through meditation and personal self care, even dreams had a place to hang out.
I found that on a balanced scale, I could see and feel in my inner body relationship with my self, I allowed myself to soak up the energy I deserved.
I began to find my thoughts are mental energy; they’re the currency that I had attracted with limitation undesired physical world results.
Yet when I made friends with my thoughts they showed me where I could heal. By detaching their unwanted messages by moving into love. My body became full of love emotionally and physically. I shifted into learning how to balance in the face of chaos.
I stopped spending currency on thoughts I did not want, even though I felt compelled to continue my habitual behavior.
My bodies heart and soul guided the way to being aligned and in balanced with the possibility of experiencing future unmet dreams.
For me being the best I can be in the world of my horses was the factor that kept my journey into loving myself with balance fully alive. To be successful at going down the center line while being judged by powerhouse USEF judges, one does well if they can stay in emotional and physical balance in a world of certain CHAOS. I giggle as I write this as anyone who is brave enough to show in recognized shows, will relate!
The esteemed 19th-century writer Louisa May Alcott phrases this idea in an encouraging and inspiring manner:
” Far away in the sunshine are
my highest inspirations.
I may not reach them,
but I can look up and see the beauty,
believe in them and try to
follow where they lead. . . .”
Meditation brings personal self care by clearing unwanted “thinking” energy and replacing that void with the rejuvenation of self-love.

Written by Donnette Hicks

photograph by Chelsea Tracy

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