Accessing Expression

I often missed seeing the context in which I experienced and shaped how I related to the horse. I did not realize how my background influenced and created blind spots in my present life. I did not understand I was accessing my interpretation of the horse and its actions through a lens of human unconsciousness.


Yet the horse is a fully conscious sensory being who is of another nation and its language is not of human creation.

As my journey into a new understanding of the horse began, it became very evident that being extremely humble and opened, created a soft path of discovery for me. I observed and felt the horses expression on a deeper intricate inner level.

And so it is with being human, we often create conclusions based off of assumptions with the horse, (human assumptions) as the horse does not function in these areas of the human psyche.

Inner reflections will alter the very nature of our understanding. This then can replace the humanization of the horse, allowing the equine its freedom to initiate, a willing guidance in us …the human.

Inner reflections 

Self nurtured understanding 


By Donnette Hicks

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