Source Of Life




Through the course of my life, I am often touched by the beauty of nature. Life provides a path of understanding by showing its illuminating brilliance through nature as its loving guide. The unsuspecting blossoms of the cherry tree always blooms on time, as its creation has the energy of natures intension. It starts as a sapling reaching for the sun, it then grows into a tree and the day comes when it explodes into an symphony of blossoms.

I am grateful for knowing I too am from the same source of life. When I practice self care by feeding my daily growth with the beauty and abundance offered, I too bloom into a symphony of creativity always giving my heart to all who are of like kind. Human blossoms on the tree of life.

When I observe the horse. I am inspired to learn the Equines language and by doing so I begin to find a universe of new understanding. The Equine is guided by a wordless universe that is inspired by the same intension the cherry blossom are influenced by.

Acknowledge the creative inspiration that flows through you. Know that all life is empowerd from a bountiful universal sourse.  

By Donnette Hicks 

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